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Dzień dobry! I am Robert, an exchange student from Taiwan, study in Opole University! Poland, this is my second time in European country! To me, this is a whole new experience and adventure! I’ve got some Polish friends in Taiwan before and they make me feel fresh! I found the creation and innovation from them and also the energy and power! But I cannot find one thing from them and that is hope!

Actually, in the beginning of my trip to Poland, I’ve seen a lot of people and culture! Before I come to this land I also learn something about Poland, like history, economic, politic, geography and the culture! It is really hard to believe that young people here are lack of hope with the future!

I am a MBA (Master of Business Administration) student, so that I have to collect a lot of information related with my target and quickly. And after I finish the data mining, I do believe there are lots of chances even much more than in other country in Poland! For example, Poland is in the core part of Europe land, and this geographic advance will help Poland get lots of benefit in the coming future if you know the trend in the world! Look at Germany! How they take benefit from his neighbor country and this is the pattern of Poland in the coming future!

The geography and transportation will be an important factor in the future! We said that in the coming century who can control the distribution and who can be the winner! Zara is the best case in our real world! Of course there are still a lot of information I prepared for the Polish teenagers and young people, and it will be in my speech in Opole University! So I hope we can meet at that time! Finally, I want to tell all the friends, if you are not satisfied with the situation now, change it from yourself and make the future better!

Yes, we can!

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